We are the official importer of PSE and in our store you can see all the latest models, our seller will be happy to familiarize you with your archery and advise you on the selection of the bow. We also take care of PSE spring maintenance and any warranty issues, come and see the extensive range of springs. All the bows in this menu you will receive from us completely ready and assembled / aligned and ready to shoot. We promise our customers with 3 months of product support by phone.

Starting a bow hobby is no easier than this

* The spring is delivered with the desired strength and tension length.

* Arrows are cut off and made ready to shoot.

* The sight of the bow is pre-aligned for a distance of 10 meters.

* All products are packed in order in a hardbow case.


ECONOMY The cheapest with basic bow accessories that you can chance later.

RTS Bow with factory accessories

CUSTOM Bow built with top 1 accessories